Campaign leadership/strategy/media

There’s a lot of talk about ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’, as though this is something new.

The truth is that lies and spin have been around forever.  Yes, social media can spread ‘false facts’ faster and further than before.  But you don’t answer a lie with a bigger lie, because one day it all comes crashing down.

As they say, the truth will out and ultimately the best answer is to discover the facts that back your case – and then tell them as strongly as possible to make your case.

As a journalist of 30 years standing – at the quality end of Australian journalism – I respect the power of great facts and great words.  I also respect the need to be clear and concise so your intended audience understands what you’re trying to say.

As well as that, there are certain values which are important.  

That’s why we take on campaigns that we consider make Australia a better place – whether working for the little guy in the supermarket sector, or for those seeking to decide for themselves at the end of life, or to promote respect for others at work.

To achieve this we have devised a flexible model which allows us to bring on board the best of professional help. 

Career in brief:
programs include 60 Minutes, Four Corners, Foreign Correspondent, the 7.30 Report, AM and PM
senior reporter and program executive and twice winner of the Walkley Award for excellence in journalism
award-winning Middle East correspondent
honours arts degree with Linguistics major, University of Sydney
I speak, read and write Arabic and have been an expert commentator on the Arab world

I am the author (as ghost writer) of ‘The Desert Vet’, chronicling the extraordinary life of an Australian vet in charge of the President’s racing camels in the United Arab Emirates.